André Hissette ( founder ) at “l’école du bois de Paris” in 1950

Craftsmanship and cabinetmaking do not automatically go hand in hand with antiques and Louis XIV furniture.
And French family business Sermag, which works with wood as well as contemporary materials, has certainly proved the point !

There are some contacts that we do not easily reveal to others, even to our closest relations. Such as these artist-crafstmen, for example, whose talents we would rather keep secret than spread around. Initially out of selfishness, to reserve their expertise for our own projects. Then through caution, for fear that an influx of new customers will mean that they no longer have time for us. And ultimately because of their rarity, for master artisans of this calibre are like gold dust.

Renaud_HissetteFor over 45 years, Sermag, a family concern now led by the visionary Renaud Hissette, has embodied this twenty-first century approach, in which the tradition of quality craftsmanship is combined with cutting-edge creativity.

Excerpt from Paris Capitale, June 2012


Our strength lies in the talent of our craftsmen, in our matchless experience with handcrafted creations and in our ability to adapt to the most specific demands. Sermag – the quintessence of French savoir-faire.


It’s the details that count